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We are the Ohana of Lim’s Hawaii Kenpo Karate, a Family in the Martial Arts that is growing worldwide.

Through the teaching and practice of Martial Arts we wish to develop and empower our students to be the best that they can be. We want our students to have the body, the mind and the spirit to fight for their dreams and make them happen. We do not see Martial arts just as a sport or a method of Self Defence. It is our passion...

Lim Family system is based on the interpretation that Jung Si George Lim had from the teachings of his instructors and elders. The Lim Family System contains three main subjects, Hawaii Kenpo Karate, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hula.

Our students will also learn the cultural ways of Hawaii, China, Japan & Filipines. The Hawaii Kenpo Karate developed in Hawaii after World War II was a result from the interaction from peoples of these four cultures. The students will experience the Samurai code of conduct, the traditional Chinese medical knowledge, the beauty of Hawaiian traditions and the meaning of Ohana.

Hawaii Kenpo Karate

Hawaii Kenpo Karate is a Martial Art that centers on the development of the Body and Mind of any man, woman or keiki (child) who chooses to practice it. Jung Si George Lim created this System to enable its students to live a healthy and active life while teaching the cornerstone values of discipline, respect, honour, altruism, focus, self-confidence and fortitude.

Through regular and disciplined training, the students will work on their limitations and increase their capabilities. During training the students will be welcomed into a martial arts community with a defined hierarchy to gradually help them understand the concepts in a natural way. In addition to the inner development this system, as a Martial Art, also focuses on Self Defence that is realistic and effective. The students will develop their skills through four aspects: Self-Defence, Katas, Sparring and Breaking.


Katas are a form of training where the students will perform Self-Defence alone against imaginary opponents. Through this training the students will improve their technique, flow and the solid bases that are important in a real Self-Defence situation.

Self Defense

The students will learn techniques to respond to predetermined aggressive situations (grabs, punches, punching combinations, clubs, knifes, etc…). Through this training the students will learn solutions to counter actively, rapidly and effectively a real confrontation.


In Lims Hawaii Kenpo Karate, sparring has two main objectives. First, to test each student in a simulated yet realistic confrontation. This sparring is more focused on the improvement of the Self-Defence of each student. Second, the students will spar according to predefined rules. This training will enable the training of techniques, flow and response to stress.


Breaking is very exciting for the youngsters and to whoever watches. Despite the negative show-off label that these moments sometimes have, it is the only moment where each student can apply the full power of his/her technique. In fact, these are very lonely and introspective moments that truly gauge the heart of the students.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

History of Traditional Chinese Medicine spans over 2500 years. In its essence, TCM  detects unbalances in the human body that can go undetected by purely physical diagnostic techniques.  The result is therapy that is less invasive and expensive. In the Lim Family System, we practice TCM alongside Martial Arts.


Hula is the traditional dance from Hawaii.  Although there are several legends portraying its mystical birth, Hula is nowadays the cultural representation of the hawaiian islands. Using meles (music) and graceful body movements, Hula tells stories from past and present, making sure that traditions are never forgotten.